space and the productive mind

We all occupy a space where we feel we need to find the right energy. The right balance in life. Kudos to those who have found it, but when your on a path to enlightenment there are certain questions you must ask yourself. One of them is how can I attract the right energy to me so I can be in a place of abundance. Wealth is a state of mind before it's actualized in reality. It is a complex mix of imagination and inspiration, a cocktail of losses and wins. When you find yourself in the thick of it, ask yourself how can I adjust? How can I come at this from a positive angle, how can I engage myself in productive activity, or sometimes the universe wants you to sit and be still. Capture a list of some of the greatest quotes that inspire you, line them up beside your bed and every morning wake up to them and speak them out into the ether. They will help you access good thoughts and connect to positive emotions


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