The honesty of goals 4 billion hits

If your honest with yourself your goals require some adjustments, you need time to include research. Research is the foundation of any major project, and it will give you avenues of which to look at gaining potential capital or revenue stream. When I started my blog I wasn't thinking of any other point of sale methods, outside of the google ad sense chapter, yet as a writer I believe your blog is your soapbox. It is your platform to promote your brand , engage with your target audience and drive more traffic your way. First and foremost you have to love what you do, no one else will buy into you , if you don't buy into yourself. A blog or a website is online real estate people, so what do you want people to see when they come to your house. Are they to be blown away by your knowledge and your insight,your wisdom and your experience, or are you taking them on a journey. What is your niche , write a page about your blog or site, it's strengths it's weaknesses, how you will improve audience engagement, how you will drive traffic.

When I started redebony I remember being asked to leave my workplace because one of my employees didn't like that I didn't fit in. As a woman / tomboy I was too domineering, and then the office politics started, thus the bullying. I am accustomed to bullies and know how to shut them down, yet in the workplace I was thrown. The worst thing was my bully had an extra edge, he was very very charming. Refusing to play victim I started redebony a small blog empowering women, after not too long and lack of information, resources, statistics, I realised redebony was not going far. I started redebonyhotspot, and as it developed so did I. When we write we reveal something of ourselves, like peeling back the blanket of covering on a chocolate bar, and allowing ourselves the indulgence. Connecting with your audience is about understanding their wants and needs. Tapping into it and somehow meeting in the middle, but you have to be willing to leave yourself bare, just a little bit.


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