The mind of a millionaire?

I just had an idea and I have to share it with my amazing audience, for new subscribers thank you for joining and welcome to the journey. Imagine if you could sleep and wake up in the mind of your favourite entrepreneur, what would you like to know about them? What secrets lurk in the mind of geniuses? One of the secrets stated by Tai Lopez is consistency. I'd love to master the ability to be super consistent. Great leaders and thinkers swear by it, it provides momentum. Things speed into motion, ideas gravitate towards flow, vision is preserved. Who would you wake up in and why before you took the trip back into your own body? Genius is all around with the books we consume both audio, and print or digital, we are able to tap into the imagination of those great thinkers and share some of their liberty. There was only one Einstein, and yet now there are millions, probably billions of people with untapped genius. Challenge yourself expand your thinking ,and embrace the knowledge of your mentors.


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