The right to love 4 billion hits

They never said it would be easy, the harder you try, the more envious people will rise up against you, secure in their numbers. No matter what they say, always be kind to you, it is yourself you are going on the journey with. It is yourself that will one day see and feel triumph. Something happened to me and I became the butt of a jealous mobbs jokes, people who had no self confidence, people who had failed at life, and only had bravado to engage their audience. I became a target for their cruelty, and was used as a platform for others to connect to them to like them, to respect them. Yet nobody respects a coward, and nobody respects a bully. I shoved my self deep into my work, collecting loose threads of information here and there, capturing my creative essence. I began to explore my inner self, wants needs, strengths demands, and I realised something very pure. We are who we are, what gives other people the right to tell us who to be.


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