The whisper of dreams

I woke up this morning having had the strangest dream, and I could write about it, but I'd like to discuss something else. The power of dreams. Most of the time when I have a dream I look it up on the internet to see what it represents, troubling times? Success? A past betrayal ? Whatever your experience of dreams are,  just think about this reality  cheque until you put pen to paper and take charge of your destiny step out of your comfort zone, you are always still dreaming. I write because in five years, ten years from now, I never want to say I had so much potential. There is nothing, worse in life than waisted potential. You can tell fall the stories in the world, make all the excuses, but when you look in the mirror you want to see a self you respect. I want to be a self I respect, so do we all. We are consistently moulding and shaping ourselves according to the whims of others, yet the. Triumph is in knowing who you are. Understanding your strengths, and driving them. When you take action, you are not dreaming, you are making progress, so get proactive, your time is now.


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