Thoughts for tomorrow 4 billion hits

Wow so another day unfolds, we find ourselves pondering a lot about the past don't we? What we should have done, who we should have been, all the versions of ourselves that light up like chandeliers. You are a creased shirt, life is ironing you out, you are developing keen senses and creating structure for yourself. We flick between past and present self, shape shifting always. What if you focussed on the version you were today what would happen? You focussed on taking charge of the future and stopped romanticizing or vilifying your past. When life strikes which it does often, you have to be ready for the blow. We tell ourselves we are fragile, vulnerable, breakable, but this is unmistakable, you are more than what you told yourself yesterday , and you will be more than what you tell yourself today. We are allowed to build ourselves up from the inside out, validate our self esteem and celebrate our passes , near misses and soon to be's. Click the follow button or subscribe to my newsletter, ebooks and courses on digital strategy. Work is an emotive challenge. it takes passion and character, self belief to achieve the impossible. There are many possible things under the sun.


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