Triumphant success for the self that hungers 4 billion hits

It takes years to accomplish financial success.years of discipline, years of hard work , focus and engagement. When I was younger I had such grand dreams of success, I would get out my pad and scribble stories day in and day out. Shuffling through love stories, action thrillers, at first it was escapism and now I have become so passionate I found an agent and a publisher is interested in my work. It was years of dreaming, years of hard work, years of dedication and determination. I was hungry to succeed, every morning when I got up I was starving. I took a risk that paid off. Self published my novel lunchbox millionaire, and watched in awe as 327,000 copies of it were downloaded, then was even more surprised when I managed to get an agent. I remember waking up, threading through my blog, listening to every motivational speaker to think of, to help motivate me and build momentum. It was my way of conquering fear, challenging epilepsy, and the insecurities that seemed to haunt me like a shadow. You need a dream. Whether it's far fetched or not, hypothesized goals make it achievable, celebrate each bold step you take, some people still live in fear. It is important to believe in your potential, it is important to carry yourself through the tsunami called life. Always having faith in a higher power. Once upon a time I would knock at the door of agents fed up with sending them requests to look over my novel, to believe in me from a distance. Look what your buying into I would eagerly stand there, eyes beaming teeth grinning and swallowing them in a smile or some banter. I was passionate and hungry, and thirsty all at once. After several rejections, some agents not even getting back to me, I have an amazing agent, who recently informed me that a publisher is interested in my work, I nearly leapt out of my skin. Momentum, action builds it. When we deny the ease of comfortable living and we are branching out of our comfort zone, it is alright to feel anxious. I suffered with panick attacks for years, and now I am on the edge of something bright ready to crawl in, cast a blanket over myself and nestle into the realms of infinite possibility. What I will advise as a writer, a mentor and a business woman, is know how to sell your work, know how to sell yourself. In the meantime as iyanla variant calls it, focus on building up your strengths.


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