Whispers in the daylight

It is Tuesday morning and I'm thinking about the challenge of facing a busy novel with a lot of edits. I realised something as I walked my dog, each day we edit ourselves. The compilation of different selves, becomes a complex individual. With thoughts , dreams and actions. We play a role socially , we play a role with our domestic selves, always the challenge of the public and the private self. For both selves I would argue in order to accomplish your goals in life, you have to know your destination, know what actions you mean to take to steer you into a more comfortable position. Read as many books about your path as possible, and books that will inspire you like Paulo coelho the alchemists, The richest man in Babylon, white orleander and my all time favourite, rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. These are great people to model when it comes to the journey of success, challenge yourself to read a book a day as Tai Lopez advised.

It is important that you take time to consume knowledge and wisdom, and you make a point to impact the surroundings and your environment. It is a harsh lesson in life when we trial and don't succeed , yet you must keep going and access all the resources around you.


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