Liaising with life

Life is a season of moments,wrapped in a neat cluster for selves to pick it apart. We are not islands, we are characters striving through dastardly seas of change, no helmet on, a whirlwind on our tail. Life is not easy, easy is for the lazy, and lazy people either get eaten by the wolves of their own demons, or remain fat stoic pumpkins that are fresh for mouths, and beyond that...... Here's a reality chewue for those of us to cash, time will change you, yet progress is not guaranteed. We are two sides of a musty coin. Yesterday I got asked a stupid question by someone I despise,today the voice tried to utter another poisonous question to slice at my confidence. Yet I realise I have an answer to all her many scrambling and put downs, it's quite simple. I just keep going. We who choose to explore our strengths are of great minds travel may not be smoothe but vision dedication and commitment will get you through.


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