Knowledge weaving into the pen

Knowledge is wealth, i am a believer of this. The more we grow in abundance developing an unsteady self, the better we are between two worlds. The world of fiction and the world of reality. We are prosperous and mighty when we consume an abundance of source , which informs not just literary prose,but the higher self. A self on a quest for a purer existence, a taste that whistles on your tongue begging you to consume its song. I am a writer, and yet we face the world complaining that we are not omnipotent in skill, that God has blessed us with little talent to access world's. Set yourself free with your pen. Verbs are itching snakes, adjectives poised to be bitten and consumed with their poison,as sentences fling unto the page rolling off your tongue. I love writing because within it, I am everything and so much more in between.


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