Paths to freedom

I've been counting the paths to becoming a millionaire since I discovered my own secret formula. It's mad, the hours you spend procrastinating. As a writer I usually dive right in , slicing through fugitive words, tasting them bleeding on my tongue and eating them whole. Yet this challenge, this anxiety evades me at times, what if I actually achieve it, what of all the little voices in my head, what of the talks I envision, the house I dream of living in, the seed I want to plant in every creative entrepreneurs mind. This is real for me. It's a conversation I have with myself before I go to sleep,before I wake up, before I disappear into dreams. I just have to be thirsty and so do you. You have tapped into the curious world of redebonyhotspot, where everything is possible, accessible and vision is bliss. Believe you are more than your limitations. Procrastination is an insidious fear cleverly lit with polite justifications, you are not the mistakes you made last year, the year before, or the year before that. The mind curates attempts at enterprise hoping we learn and we inspire those around us with our vision.


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