Redebony rising

The world is full of weak people with hard faces. Their goal is to intimidate you, scare you into a fraction of your being and control you. This morning I was thinking about the last individual who tried to decimate my confidence, and tried to control me. He wasn't very attractive and initially I had liked him, when I saw his character I rejected him. He began to alienate me and bully me whilst eaves dropping on private conversations and stealing my ideas. He wanted to rebrand himself, he wasn't exceptionally smart in fact he was less than that, had a daughter he refused to focus on. His time was invested in targeting me and trying to make me feel small simply because now that he had changed his mind, I wouldn't sleep with him.

The reality is in life you will meet all sorts of characters, as a creative you must channel it into your work. You must use every obstacle life throws at you to be great, and exceed your own imaginings. Do not allow yourself to become a casualty of those who tried to destroy you, do not allow yourself to never get the chance to look in the mirror and say with confidence, look at me now. I know I am worth something. We pick a sensitive field because we are passionate, there is no guarantee of becoming a millionaire yet we strive on #weworkhard and we must push on. Everybody has baggage if you've lived you are the product of many seconds before the time you invest in yourself nobody can take that away from you. I realised when I saw him a while ago that I had been a target for his ridicule for his rumours and for his jealousy because he was weak and he needed to feel strong.


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