The four billion hit challenge: Tune in

Four billion hits this is my goal for redebony this month,so those of you who are fans of the site, tune in, I plan to fail my way to success.  As a creative we need that daily dose of motivation,inspiration,and drive,i was flicking through my collage of manuscripts and looking at ways to channel creativity. Ideas are delicious things but we falter at the wake of them, terrified to implement action to those goals we put in place. Procrastination creeps in like a seductive odour charming us away with delicious fear. What is ailing you about your latest project? What is creating the block? Are you a perfectionist? A lot of people announce this as though it is something to be proud of, they tell you to announce it in interviews so you can get the job, we often think it makes us sound smarter,more organised, yet the reality is....some of the most stagnant people in our society,and the most successful are perfectionist. There are two sides of a very shiny coin. Perfectionism is also about anxiety, clack of confidence and procrastination. Believe in what you can do and take bold steps towards it.Redebony


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