Heartbreak hotel: The quest to let the world in

We all have expectations of people, and when their dashed and were denied the opportunity to express our emotions we blend into a maddening haze of purple. Expect the best from yourself at all times. Expect that your version of you will not be immaculate , glossed and shiny you have met trauma and shaken it hand, disappointment has tapped you on the shoulder then sent you along your way. There is an itch in all our skins for infinite love , we all have a hidden need to be validated, it is part of the reason people are so desperate to conform , to fit in for fear that they will be without. Yet sometimes life is about the jigsaws within, it's about getting to know the spirit within the self, healing, understanding , loving you.The past tattoos the soul, and when people let us down we are terrified of letting the world in. We are quivering little mice, terrified of the winter cold, ease yourself in little by little. Our own minds can be our kryptonite, change your perspective, it will change your energy. Expect the most from yourself and trust that you can handle anything.


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