The death of Aspiring to be

Make it you?Successful? Hell yeah. It is a myth that the impossibility factor even exist for you right now, their saying your on cloud nine, what have they been smoking? I once came across the most disgusting figure of a human being who expressed to his friends, loud enough for me to hear of course, all nasty people do, that I would die aspiring. Good looking guy, but I could see he thought his looks put him in a power position. He was not exceptional to look at. In fact he just looked like some blind persons lazy anime drawing, actually, there are talented blind people and I apologise for the disrespect. When you are climbing, trying to reach that place where you can look out at the rest of the world, you will meet fools like this. Focus and zone in. You are closer than you think, wiser than you think, and I'm here to tell many of you, you are greater than you think. You will get there. Believe in touching your glory, tasting your glory, feeling your glory, do not let people like this with no shadow no form, damage your vision. It means protect it like a new born baby, nourish it like a mother and watch it grow. It requires consistent action, self love, and respect. Do not die Aspiring to be.


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