A self to discover

Who lost you, and made you find yourself. Stuff. We deal with other people's stuff everyday. The world assumes it is emotionally hygienic, that 'we' are cleansed and it's the other individual with the problems. Yet here is a reality cheque to cash in daily, a problem comes with a solution. Those of us who identify others as flawed and simply watch them crumble, are really the ones with a storm coming our way. Growing up and dealing with my disability, especially the epileptic fits there was a woman who lived near me, that used to warn the neighbours about me cruelly announcing that ' she has problems steer clear." I became isolated and alone, until I discovered she had some challenges of her own. Yet not to bare all. Every individual you face has been challenged by this school called life, we are in education, we are finding out about our highest selves and our greatest power. You come to know your strengths when you are probed with a weakness.


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