From saver to investor: Redebonyhotspot bytes

Saving is the psychology of discipline there will be things that will tempt you along the way.
You have set yourself up with a challenge to go from saver to investor, welcome to redebony's financial playpen poverty is a state of mind. A lack of discipline, tapping into source, and no knowledge of money, will leave you in the same hamster wheel as you were before. You want to build a portfolio which brings you a return on investment. Your key objective is to venture into the property market, so you have assets that bring a return on investment. Have a budget. There are many temptations when it comes to spending money, know what your Achilles heel is, list it so you can tackle it. Create a five year plan. A working plan which includes having a role that brings you income, in your spare time financially train and educate yourself. Growth comes through learning. To master capital, you must understand how to invest it to make maximum profit..Be it in property, a business, or an asset that you have thoroughly researched the market in. Know your numbers, have a journal where you document your progress. Regularly visualise your success, and create measurable attainable goals. It doesn't matter what job you do with the digitisation of the modern world and the impact of globalization, many are applying for freelance roles, or remote roles that allow them to work from home. Check out the Redebonyhotspot blog for more bites on how to go from saver to investor, get your five year plan ready.


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