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Money talks when no one is listening, but we rarely pay attention to such demands as save, invest, pool your money, market your brand, till your capital grows, and let your money work for you. It's easy to get caught up in all the special offers, budget buys, buy one get one frees, discount and sales, yet what their cleverly asking you to do is to lessen your chance of becoming an investor. Investors acquire capital. Money magnetized to them because they invest in assets and commodities, rather than funding liabilities. Liabilities will blind side you with great campaigns, the car your friends have, the house you paid for which bills are accruing more debt, yet rather than leading out some rooms to bring in an income, you've packed it with ornaments so your next door neighbours can keep aweing at what a designers touch you have. How much is it costing you to keep up with the Jones's. When was the last time your pocket pleaded with you to start saving up? Well, I'm starting this challenge with you, this is the international piggy bank of savers ideas for those of us who have a habbit of saying goodbye to spare change. Change that would have transformed itself to capital. Join me for ideas, tips, and tricks as we save our way to the top!


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