Save to invest: Redebonyhotspot bytes

Avoid impulse buying
Avoid greedy marketers
Buy one get one free, means you have to buy one in the first place, only purchase what you need
Have a budget account
Carry cash and leave the card at home tucked away in a safe place, carry a small extra purse in case of emergency
Have a list what do I want versus what do I need
Distract yourself from the thought that your saving
Reward yourself with a star chart or goal chart for each accomplishment you achieve with your account
Focus on creative ways to raise funds
Recycle old items you are not using
Budgeting is not about penny pinching. Know what is a necessity. Get vouchers if there are things you really are interested in purchasing. Some people make the mistake of going on a financial diet, where they starve themselves. Then go junkie on items they don't actually need. Pair up with a buddy who is as passionate as changing their finances as you are. Attend free seminars you will find them on eventbrite, meet up, and blog about your journey sharing your challenges and successes with your audiences, it makes it feel as though you are answerable to someone. When you make an error or a sleight,, document it and write what drove you to that point. Are you an emotional shopper? Did you not prepare lunch the day before? Is your budget too unrealistic?

Get acquainted with more Financial articles, read about people, who have accomplished what you have accomplished, model and programme your mind until it becomes habbit. The key to any success is discipline, The key to financial growth is learning but to grow towards positivity there will be challenged, friction from the self, the mind is programmed a certain way, when you interrupt its pattern you will start to crave certain things. Take heart, it takes thirty days to create a new habbit. Formulate the habbit of saving and it will become less of a threat to a seasoned mind.


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