How to make your one minute million

One Minute Million

Websites,Blog understand the keen interest of your target audience. Navigate as much traffic to your site as possible, the more traffic, the more hits the more likely you are to appeal to the search engines and become highly ranked. Use such things as google adsense, cpc and cpm ensuring your target audience navigate with ease to your site.

Content is always king. The more delicious the information you provide, the more resourceful your website is the more likely people will be interested in taking the time to seek you out. Create as much buzz around your topic as possible using key things such as chitika, and pay attention to what's hot in the search engines. What's trending and how can you create distinct memoratipi content which will make audiences want to comeback for more. Your content has to be juicy, meaty, excited, your tags must me things audiences are likely to type into the search engines .If your topic iintimidating break it down, it takes smallsteps to finish a mile. Do the research,what resources can you provide your target audience. What tidbits of juicy information can you provide. Use the google keyword tool pay attention to what your compextortion has produced. How can you create better content what is missing in what they've produced. How can you feedintro their hunger for knowledge of this topic. There is one reason why they came to you for this topic, you had the goods and they were starving, are you ready to feed the five thousand.
As your site builds up in rank the million,money is all around us it is the information we see but often don't take advantage of. It is the creation of a useful mind, use your wealth on a topic to invite them into your world of information.Are you a banker with a world of wisdom on mortgages? Are you a mother with skilled tips on recipes and child rearing? Are you a journalist with an insightful pen or an athlete, use what you know as the foundation for your climb and challenge yourself. Oge mind is a map of ideas and with your information skeleton you can build a foundation for yourself and fill it out. Why are you the right person to discuss this topic? What skills andaccomplishments do you bring to the table,are you well versed and have researched this topic thoroughly, we're you successful in business?
Hook audiences with effective titles grab their attention and keep them coming back for more.
Money does not befriend the lazy, or the simple of heart, use your ideas and invest your time creating effective

Give out stressballs with your blog address and signature strip
Use creative compliment slips to thank people for signing up to your blog
Engage audiences in key discussions and debates in forums
Market and network via Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked in
Get people buzzing and talking actively
Make your blog or website interactive, have coffee and biscuit nights, or if you prefer the splendour of delicious meals
Make blogging fun, throw a blog or website party asking people to sign up and discussing some key topics which you think would be of interest to them
Provide an ebook, or an ebook mini that people can purchase for free if they sign up to your company or your website and
Go to business events and conference, offer local businesses the opportunity to pitch their products so long as you get a commission from it when they advertise or are profiled on your site

Request that they provide the same service for you
  1. Hold your own forum and have them pay a fee to
  2. Host a regular interactive tea/ Coffee party where members can sign up and network with each other
  3. Sell tickets to your own private event, where you will be giving away branded products
  4. Offer a mentorship program for those who are interested in learning your craft
  5. Offer Saleable business plans in your area that will assist them in guaranteeing their own service
  6. Sell advertising on an Rss feed
  7. Provide a radio service like a chat show where members can come unto your site and discuss what their field is and how they got into it, also the services that they provide, the more the audience have a personal experience of them the more they are likely to buy into their products
  8. Offer advertising in the podcast
  9. Offer banner advertising
  10. Offer advertising space for their own million dollar homepage
  11. Provide an ebook with a database of all the access schemes and discounts they can get for a chosen fee
  12. Sell a course for those who sign up to your blog
  13. Provide a yellow pages resource with an information database of grants, loans and other types of funding they can get access to within your chosen area, and sell it for a small fee, marketing it effectively
  14. Create your own forum sell advertising space to your members
  15. Build your own social network site offer promotions advertising and opportunities to network with a group of useful clientelle
  16. Give out businesscards with your blog link
  17. Have tea parties or Coffee and biscuit nights, call it blog on blast invite people over saying they must sign up offer them a free goodie bag if they do
  18. Give out Notebooks with your blog and it's design on the front cover, a link and a comment
  19. Give out tshirts
  20. Give out Key rings to make your blog memorable
  21. Have a sponsored event like a sponsored walk to raise money for your blog, website and dinner
  22. Have a sponsored dinner where you serve rare dishes to raise interest and money for your blog
  23. Hold a blog/ website launch party
  24. Give out drink bottles with your branding on it, everyone needs to drink water right
  25. Hold a sponsored auction to raise money for your website or blog, offer businesses the opportunity to pitch their business ideas and contacts for one minute
  26. Offer a sales and marketing course on your blog/website where people get the chance to market and pitch all their great idea
  27. Write an ebook and offer advertising space within the ebook
  28. You can make money doing Surveys online, some Companies pay you a small fortune just to sit at home and give them the feedback they need
  29. You can hold a block party celebrating the launch of your blog promoting items and products that are your website, business or blogs signature brand
  30. You can offer your own business kit and call it business on fire the top ten simple steps to successful business branding, it's important to predict your success rather than see failure. In business sometimes you must see the glass half full in order to succeed
  31. You can have your own blog radio station where listeners tune in and call a premium number to take part in debates and arguments. Build up your blog, website or traffic audience and you will recieve a flurry of traffic.
  32. You can sell products for specific companies and recieve a commission. For example two of the more familiar household brand names we know are forever living and Avon, yet there are thousands of companies eagerly looking for Sales men and Sales women to market their products online. Every business needs a Salesman or Sales woman and you will recieve a tidy commission from every item of theirs which you market and sell
  33. You can be paid as a freelancer writing articles on a particular topic or subject, some people leave their jobs and do this from home primarily
  34. You can be an infographer freelancing for an infographics company
  35. You can be commissioned for an idea
  36. You can organise a raffle or a lottery ensuring you have built up your traffic to monumental heights, whoever wins gets a free prize
  37. You can organise your own online business centre/ forum for startups or people like you, to find staff, negotiate business deals, buy products and of course advertise. The more interactive your business/blog or website is the more audiences will want to be part of it. Know whats trending, understand the Social Spectrum. You are not just guessing the needs of your target audience. Your visiting the sites they visit, taking in the languages they use, understanding the topics which spark the most interest. Audiences are not robots. They are passionate at times, vulnerable, angry, excitable bored, driven desperate for opportunities looking for keys that unlock the gates of success, they are human. Individuals who are complex and with much sincerity you have to understand the complexity of their needs. You will not succeed if you do not take the time to negotiate the interests of your target audience
  38. You could hold a focus group inviting people of the right age bracket.Join me on my journey towards my million
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