Making money talk to you

making money talk to you

Poverty is the price you pay for not fueling the minds inquisition.A curious mind asks questions. You must aspire to be more than your current circumstance, by encouraging your mind to be a problem solver. How do you make your mind work with you, to create wealth, and open up a dialect that develops financial security. Many people believe the answer primarily lies in saving and working a nine to five job, what about the entrepreneurs, what about the great thought leaders, what about those who think outside the box. You must be willing to step outside the box, and turn challenge into triumph by asking some key questions. How can I acquire capital by problem solving? How will this idea assist others and benefit me at the same time, what problem am I solving? How can I evolve this idea that I've had, and make it generate an income. Tap into community, and build a network whilst you develop the unique selling points of your product. What does it tackle? How does it give the customer peace of mind?

Have a mind map where you sketch out your ideas.
Develop the notes you've drawn upon, outlining the strengths, weaknesses , threats , opportunities in a separate line of paper
What is the objective? What is the goal? How do you transform this series of notes into something visual, aesthetic and interactive, how do you create enough presence, and enough of a demand for the public to want it?

Why would they want to invest in this product? What is the competition out there like, what is this product similar too, where are the examples of this product selling out, who has produced it or made something similar and now it is a hot sell.

Know your demographics. Understand your audience and why they would scout for a product like this, what about this product will make an impact, how will it cause a ripple effect in the market, don't look at it just from the eye of a creator. Look at it from the eye of an investor. Read articles on how to become an investor, watch YouTube videos with investors so you get a sense of what they look for when they are looking to invest.


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