Colin Lane (Short Story)

Shit I hate Colin Lane. Shit I hate Colin Lane. I wrote it five times in my journal, and then I scribbled in on the toilet walls, next to Punk Fish Woz Ere 2018. “That bastard thinks he knows everything, he’s a total Jimmy knows it all.”

“ Jimmy knows nothing.” My friend Surinder echoes. Were sitting in the diner bitter as fuck. Lane has done it again. “ How did he snag that last point in the spelling bee,” I shift my glasses higher up my nose and scan him with my xray eyes,” scum, look how smug he is.”

Sunny leans in to study Colins lean frame opposite us. Confession, we both had a major crush on him when he first moved into the neighbourhood. He looked athletic, lean tall, he looks like one of those teenage boys you’d see in an advert and wish they would talk to you. He’s taller than most of the boys in our year group, and his voice has broken already too. “ Another book I see.” Surinder tilts a brow as we scan our arch nemesis. He’s running thick hands through sleek Chestnut brown hair, his green eyes look up with alarm when he spots us glaring at him. Surinder smiles cattily, his friend Malcolm elbows him, “ look it’s the birds. It’s the birds.” Suddenly his whole table is in uproar. I shrink in my seat. They have nick named us, the birds. Last week mum made me and Sunny a ham and pickle Sandwich and we were publically attacked by a flock of pigeons on the basketball court, where we preside. I wondered what he had been doing on the basketball court anyway, know it all like him. Everywhere he went his friends followed him like shadows. We became the butt of everybodys joke for a whole week, and Esmerelda Thompson, Snap chatted the whole incident. Of course it was to impress him.  “ You can sit over here if you want Issy,” he announces, “ and you Sun. There’s two seats.”  Surinder and I cast suspicious glances towards each other, I notice she’s got the beads in her hair today green and black, hair flowing like a waterfall. I’ve seen Colin look at my friend Surinder, My Gosh his mum wouldn’t like it. Proper judgy mare. “ Ace and Marcus will be here in twenty minutes,” his friend Cosmos interrupts

“ Cos that’s an hour, yeah they can sit. Unless, we smell or something. Or maybe you smell.” Colin teases. I hate that now he’s making us look like the immature ones, ive read waiting to exhale three  times. I tilt my head up and say in my most grown up voice, “ Yeah we’ll sit, what’s the gossip? We mostly socialize with interesting people.”

Surinder winks at me for that. I notice Colin know it all go bright pink then clear his throat. Sunny is real smart, but theres things that I notice which she doesn’t. Like days when she’s not wearing the Sari ,and she’s just got jeans and a tshirt on like at the Drake concert, Sunny has quite the magic effect on these idiots. Three guys offered to buy us drinks, because we both look older much older, it was a summer festival.  (To be continued)


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