Elias and Avril (Excerpt short story)

"Have you ever watched someone destroy themselves, because of something you did?" I stared deep into the Aqua of the Ocean, caught in the memory of it. Pretty little thing. Fucked up pretty little thing, now your life is unwinding like the rope I tied around my neck as a child. Swing, Swing. It was bizarre to love you. " Does she still think she's loosing her mind?" His voice was heavy like the fog. I looked over to see Elias a giant above me, domineering, intrusive upon my wake. Both our eyes shared the same blackness. " Perfect little thing, how can you not tell,"
" When your walking into a mine field." Elias grinned devilishly. Some would say we were sinister, my twin sister her lover and I. I do not always claim all her belongings, and yet Elias was something I had always wanted for myself. " They cant prove its murder, if we drive her to claim her own life, the chaos, the drama of it all," he did a Shakespearian wave something we'd both mastered from Theatre class. I do not call what I am experiencing love, or the venom I feel for my twin sister hatred. We just collided in the same womb, at the same time. Maybe somewhere in that void in nether realm the spirits forgot to give me certain parts, and yet I knew they were missing. I do not cry when sad movies come on, when people die or when someone is in pain, instead there is a hollowness I feel. A numbness I was born with. People say I am beautiful, my step dad used to say I look like a Sculpture. " Mighty fucked up Avril is, but doesn't she look like a thing," he'd let out a low whistle, and Id see mothers eyes dance with jealousy. I have little time for things like envy, it distracts the mind from purpose. Myself and Elias I believe follow the same creed. " Don't get all dreamy today love," Elias leans in for a kiss, I step back just to awe at what ive snatched. My lot. Elias is one of the most sought after boys in our year group tall dark, and devilishly handsome. My mother hates that he dresses like a goth, he has salt dark brown eyes, and when he smiles, he has dimples which fool everyone. Yet I know what lurks in his troubled mind. "Not going to football today I see,"
" Football is a boring Sport, I've changed my game to golf."
" You hate Golf Elias," I offer as he falls in step beside me and our limbs stretch along the board walk.
" My father has a new opponent on the golf Course, a man called Dermott Langley," he began to imitate the walk of a teletubbies ." Dermott Langley has secrets and those secrets will cost him."


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