Six figure Strategies for success: Key 1

So it begins, the quest for prosperity, the longing to develop the force of will and strength of character to rise as phoenix from the flames of chaos. You picked up this book because you have a longing, there are questions like parcels knocking at your door. Each person is a gateway to your financial access. You picked up this book, because you are at a crossroads, you are tired of being a spectator to other peoples success, you are tired of slogging in a role that consumes all your time, a position which has now defined you, and you are tired of feeling as though you were being left behind. Is it a race? In fact it is, they call it the rat race, yet we do not dwell on thoughts that carry us to positions of lack, you are rediscovering, that your strengths can be communicated across a platform. Welcome to blogging. You are an active participant in the digital role, creating threads of conversation with your followers, engaging them in thematic debates, and ensuring they are aware of your product. Are they aware of its strengths , the option to upgrade their lives, the chance to create change and live a more fulfilled existence. Are they aware that you are the link to their gateway of financial access, you are their moses and on the digital platform you will lead them, guide them and help them maintain.

In order to cultivate a successful blog or platform content is always king, every individual has a network of contacts around them, people who they will sell your product to on your behalf, or people who they will plant the seed of your product. What you don’t want them to do is to dismiss your product , and convince themselves that they don’t need it. You created this brand because there is a need in the market, you are supplying and engaging customers and endorsing them towards a life of healthy fulfillment. What is your hook? What is your unique selling point, why should they go to you and not to the competition? What extra tricks do you have up your sleeve, what extra service can you provide, do you have a customer feedback form and a forum to help the people who are reaching for your service become more engaged. Drip feed them success, wait for them to salivate with the longing of your merchandise, and convert your traffic into cash.


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