soul as compass

Breathe.just.Breathe I mentally encourage myself each morning before I face a goal, knowing that nuggets of fear turn into procrastination. I am my own worst enemy at times, yet I am also my greatest strength. During times of dire need, you must remember the words you used to propel yourself forward before. Pace yourself, understanding that although every action has a ripple of consequences, the right choices consistently will carry you upon a tide of glory. Believe that when you fail, you are learning, allow yourself the chance to be taught by Life.

Life is a ruthless teacher, she is stubborn in her classroom, diligent, and thorough. Although the strife may slice through you like a blade, comb through you as though you are strands of loose hair, you must understand that every lesson comes with trials. Tests of your character. How much are you willing to invest in yourself, how much gravitas do your words have?

They told you it would never happen for you. Access denied, with words, lashed at you, licking you clean with their own failed attempts. How dare you construct your own reality, for they have seen everything, they have lived through everything, been everything, everyone, everywhere, or have they? Listen, for spirit is always wise, you must fail first, then weep later. If you dare not take the risk, you will be stuck on an island, spinning a web of stories as to why the world is flat too scared to be an explorer. Welcome to a new era, traveller, adventurer, explorer, visionary, and dreamer, we do not build castles in the sky, without their stairs giving us access from the ground. Find opportunities, there is a wealth of them, playing pica boo games, hiding in plain sight, waiting for you to expose them. An opportunity lurks in a conversation, an opportunity lurks in a school, lurks at the side of a friend, or stepping outside of your comfort zone unmasking the truth behind the outsiders aloof behaviour. Find your truth, and it will reveal a well of opportunities. The soul is a compass let it guide you.


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