A quiet conversation with Paul Lawrence

Meet the industrious Paul Lawrence a quiet conversation? A quiet conversation indeed, seated in an enchanting cafe in Brixton , in the middle of the afternoon . Opposite me is one of the titans of business . A giant of recruitment and a former investment banker whose portfolio include a decorated history with the bank of England and several other Iron men and women of industry. We are in the centre of  the Isle and as the interview begins i am enamoured by not just his grace , but the ease of his confidence , and knowledge of enterprise. Driven by a hunger to succeed and assist others no wonder this extraordinary man is one of the most desired recruiters in the market.

Paul Lawrence has a mind engineered for success , habits of a diligent entrepreneur , this man will innovate your whole company with vision , precision and impact . A listener as well as an extraordinary thinker , a visionary . After earning the opportunity to work for the bank of England , and put forward for a role by the bank , Lawrence states that this Journey into enterprise really began there.  " At the bank of England," he announces proudly." I feel like a glorified social worker assisting people," he states , for being a headhunter in recruitment is really about managing and understanding people .

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Paul has some great habits which lead to his success, which he discusses smiling. " There is no substitute for hard work , not allowing disappointment to deflect you , take advice, have a plan, start with the aim in mind," At a young age his passion was train and air plane spotting, now he spots talent. It was a quiet conversation, but it was a conversation i will never forget with a great leader.


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