magnets of success

If it's a change you want, challenge old habbits and accumulate wisdom on wealth.

 Knowledge empowers us all, it gives us strategy, it gives us access, and provides creative input. It is easy to sit at home, be entitled and exclaim, why me, why has the universe not blessed me with a heavy purse. You need a stream of income that is bountiful, and in order to create that financial freedom you have to be willing to learn. Learn from your experiences, learn about finance, and save and hold the capital you do have until it grows and becomes worthy of investments. I have been there ten times over, get rich quick schemes do not work, yet your journey to finance is teaching you key skills you need to financially educate yourself. Patience, discipline, focus, educating yourself outside the confines of a strict base, and wisdom. To make an impact you must be willing to learn and up skill yourself, create a daily routine, divide your day into nuggets of time. For each nugget what will you focus on building developing, and managing. Building an asset, something that brings in money can be as simple as starting a blog, an online shop, a website, monetising your Facebook page, building your own app, or digital platform.

Enjoy the process. For years I believed making money was about a grind, you had to drive yourself forward with rage, anger, and aggression. Yet I realise there are principles to wealth, and success. The journey to wealth is an engaging joyous adventure, full of creativity, vision, planning, strategy, and execution. Those who take a passion they love, and turn it into a toxic grind, loose capital because the law of attraction is always in play.

You are a magnet for success, but you must master the habbits and become your glory. A diamond is already a diamond, it must be polished and hewn in order to be visible as a diamond. That means you must apply pressure, shape and polish it, but that's not the only journey it goes through. Your jewels to success lie in the habbits buried within you, you must mine and search within, go into the depths of your psyche to discover your true potential.


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