Deafening the siren of fear

It is easy to listen to the whispers at night. Fear pulls up a stool beside your bed , whilst the past reeks havoc. Yet the present plays a lonely violin. Do not get lost in the past for i have been there many times, it is a maze, and a labyrinth like this makes it difficult to move forward. Instead focus on the daily victories, by doing this you are equipping your mind and your self esteem. You must fight the whispers of a past which longs to claim you. For there is no action in the past, only casualties with lost minds nursing stories of who they could have been. I almost was, but i didn't. I almost could, but i couldn't. You must set yourself free, you are more than Yesterday.

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You are your present and you are your future, tomorrow will be a testament of glory, yet you must be willing to face it. Every fear does not want to live on an Island by itself, it needs companionship, it calls to you, dreamer, adventurer, explorer, and as your seduced in it creates a myriad of illusions. Projecting more failure than successes, turning a David into Goliath, reversing your march into a crawl. Do not listen to the whispers, for they will make you deaf


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