Splendour of a day

I woke from a dream it startled me for it was such a wonderous thing, within it i had created such access my mind had become so infinite. Every challenge i slayed with the ease of discipline, focus, and persistence, i did not fear failure, with each tumble i arose, the bruises flashing like steel, my beautiful battle scars. The taste to conquer sweeter than honey on my tongue. You will wake from being startled at night, those night cravings will steer you closer to your goal.

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 You will see the vision reflected in your eyes, you will become itchy and tight in your skin, as though this skin is too small for you now, your heart will pulse and rage with excitement as you pen your hopes to your notepad. Your mind will become busy with thoughts and ambitions, and fear will loose its elasticity. Every word you utter shall be a poem, every goal you accomplish in life will bring forth new fruit. When i clicked the lights on, i realised it was day time, and the orange sun smiled blissfully radiating its newness, and welcoming the opportunities that lurk within the splendour of a day.


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