The reach of a dream

If you have just woken up this morning thankyou for joining me on this blog and on this journey. Are you a tired soul, have you talked about your dream till your tongue has gone limp, and the words are leaden. Do you sit in the shadows, watching an empty tv screen without busy flashing images caught up in the depression of failed attempts. I have been there. Many a dream walked by me, shaking its hips, as i cooed at it from a lonely place. You must learn your lesson, you must revisit with a new strategy, a new plan, and have manageable goals. You must truly believe that this dream you are worthy of. It is not a stolen dream, it is meant for you. Then you must fight with vision and audacity.

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We live in a society where those who dare to think differently are judged for it, criticised ridiculed and in my case , bullied and isolated. What i find most amusing, is the same people who tear you down, later try and immitate your formula, pretending as though they had the independence of spirit to concoct it themselves. When they were too narrow minded trying to fit in, and follow the masses.

You must realise to an extent that for a while as you attempt to commandeer this dream, you will be alien to a network you were once familiar too. You must realise that people will attempt to sabotage, to belittle, ridicule, and to hold you back. Yet you must hail yourself to the highest esteem and respect your potential. It is a conversation you must have with yourself daily, i am worthy, i am loved, i am closer. My dream an i may be an Ocean appart but everyday i am within its reach..


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