what it means when a shy guy gives you all the green signals and nothing happens

Lady, so you are sitting there blank as a sheet, you flirted up a storm and now your emotionally exhausted. Wow did that take some skill, you don't even giggle like that, and those more conservative colours you wore to express a more subtle style... Well the tights were itching the hell out of you. Let's be real. Men, all men are hunters, although feminism has made women more empowered  and believe they can take the lead truth is, the guy your interested in can use a phone. He can text, call, send an email, by heck if he's really creative he can send a postcard.

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We love to make excuses for the one that got away, so we can go into uber feminist mode take the action away from the guy, yet you reframe the power in the situation. You become the hunter, not only will he tell his buddies, it will be the ego boost a guy with low self esteem needs and you might be setting yourself up to be someone's foot stool for self esteem. I've learnt from very toxic experiences with men that the more you make them work for it the more you show you have value.

Low self esteem guys are complex creatures all in all, they are a conumdrum. We are all fixing ourselves, the guy you want, may not be ready for a relationship, he may not be confident in his skin, he may have baggage, or he may actually just have been a guy who enjoys flirting which is actually some peoples way of communication.

Here it is in a nutshell, what you need to know. You are gorgeous, and lovable, and worthy of love, the right guy is right round the corner. One day you'll think of this guy and the next day you won't anymore. You are special, continue to build yourself up, and don't spend your lifetime analysing people who have probably moved on and are living their best live. Yet then we all need to take our own advice, I kid you not.

Purchase a copy of my new ebook The whisper of dreams https://www.amazon.co.uk/Whisper-Dreams-Otatade-Okojie-ebook/dp/B07N687SRR/ref=zg_bsnr_362718031_17?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=PHKC2M5RNJ78E04HXP55) 


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