Success and its clues: How to empower yourself in business

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Many of us know success leaves clues. (
 We are on the net surfing those clues, attending workshops, networking at events, meeting our next mentor advisor or 'business guardian.' Yet how many of us simply execute the small steps for the long journey. Success is a process, and within that process you will find its not about what you end up with, its about who you become. (

As individuals we actively scribble our plans down on notepaper, or frame them for the world to see, others of us actively make our tongues limp from discussing them over and over and over again. We buy books, listen to podcasts, motivational videos, to inspire execution. Yet execution comes from your hunger to commit to the future you see yourself in. The future is about the present, what you do now, will define who you will become. Create access for yourself by following the clues of great leaders and executing a titanium plan. In order to achieve mass success, you must  have a system in play. A daily discipline that becomes a regime which you stick to, a positive habbit that empowers you. You must be stern on yourself and committed. Be consistent. Sam ovens talks about consistency being the sum of all success, and he should know he is no a millionaire ten times over. It is in your habbits , your daily disciplines, your rituals and your regiments that you will find success. It is in enjoying the becoming, that you will discover access. (

Have a vision but dont see blind. When we are heading to a destination we dont just use our sight, we key into all our senses to direct us. We become navigators, we ask questions, key questions that direct us towards the answers we require.
Success has left breadcrumbs for your senses, it is inviting you in. Yet you need to do the work you cant simply plan to do the work, talk of doing the work, connect to people who have done it and spend a lifetime looking for shortcuts. You must execute and find your way to that gingerbread house, walk the path less travelled. With focus, dilligence and an upbeat attitude to face challenges.(

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