Building your brand:Brand bytes

Each vision is rife with competition. the market is oversaturated with people who believe they can do what you can do , and they can do it so much better. What are your strengths? Which areas are you weak in? How will you solve a problem? How will you create access for yourself,
How will you monetise your ideas?
Provide a service
Build a brand?
Provide access to those who have a passion for your product. What are the core strengths of your product? How will it make a difference? How will it impact on others? Change lives? We live in a microwaveable society will it improve a function, will it improve a service? How will you brand it, market it, bring in clients, network to attract potential partners,investors, funds, schemes, grants, Bring the community together. Provide work opportunities for young people, teach them about enterprise. these are some the deliverables you should be thinking about.


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