The passion for enterprise

It is something that wakes me up, in the cold of the night, thoughts which dance in my mind, ideas that haunt me. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and my mind swims with fresh new ideas. Everyday i am cultivating a new idea, trying to develop my brand trying to put my name out there. Yet there is a problem with this, Jack of all trades master of none, and that is something to be weary of in this time. There are so many get rich quick schemes, so many get rich now schemes, so many materialistic things we watch which fuel a hunger to become so much more than what we are. It has always been my dream to become a millionaire, the word dance on my tongue, i know it is about discipline, ideas, vision, passion, network,stepping out of your comfort zone and belief. Some are blessed with a midas touch, exceptional communication skills, whilst others are dynamic entrepreneurs. My vision will take me to the height of my freedom. My ambitions will  celebrate the belief that if men can walk on the moon, much is possible under the sun.

There is no crime in believing in miracles, in expressing the wealth of your knowledge in knowing your strengths and focussing on them rather than letting the world drill into you, your weaknesses. It is something that wakes me up in the night, the hunger to be more than what i am, to propel myself forward, to keep going. What wakes you up? What drives you?


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