Invitation from the Lunchbox Millionaire (investors and entrepreneurs)

Hi everyone Otatade Okojie here (redebonyhotspot) I am the founder of the Lunchbox millionaire platform and company along with my co pilot and chairman Paul Lawrence. What is Lunchbox and what do we do? Lunchbox is a platform were developing which connects young entrepreneurs, startups to investors, business elites and brands. We specialise in engaging the two parties and bringing them together for a successful deal and a smoothe transition.

If you have an idea, a product, a project that you have been developing for many years and found yourself run ragged trying to connect to the right people, and make the right contacts, your labour has not been in vain. Send me a message on this platform, on linkedin, or on twitter and we will book a call to see how our team can be of assistance. We have a network of over 40,000 contacts, connections, who are eager to help you problem solve your way to success.

We are here to give you access, to aid you on your entrepreneurial path.Maybe you are an investor who is interested in liasing with the team to discuss which projects suit your portfolio, we welcome a chat, and are happy to do lunch. Send me a message

I look forward to sharing my updates with you on the development of our company, as we grow in fortitude, numbers, and strength, giving you the best outcome and adding value whenever and wherever we can.


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