Time and the investment

Each day is an investment in the future. Do not be tricked by others with a mindset locked in the stone ages, people whose dreams are buried in sand, and whose tongues leak acid. You are here on Earth , you have time to invest and change your future. Something amused me recently a young man who had far more opportunities than I had, access, no disability, was convinced because I'd built a network, I owed him an opportunity. Life doesn't owe you shit. I used to walk around thinking that life was fair, if you were nice others had to be nice if you were kind others had to be kind. I spent my whole life over compensating until people pleasing hurt too much. I was investing far too much time in pleasing others than I was in pleasing myself, each time I Made bold attempts at kindness, the trauma from the cruelty and disappointment of others left a sour taste in my mouth. Yet I was forgetting to celebrate those who had been there, those who had fought side by side with me, family friends, old school contacts in a quest to be that illusion of happy I thought I needed to be. Happiness with the numbers. I realised soon enough it wasn't about quantity it was about quality, quality of character, yet most of all quality of myself. These big dreams and goals I had, how much was I willing to invest my time, and assert myself in the journey of becoming? Would I allow myself to become sculpted by pain, or would I hack at myself, contorting all inner truths. Each day is an investment in your future, how will you spend your time, how will you pick your winning circle? Will you spend a life with a bunch of wasters whose existence is all about tearing down the dreams of others, feigning strength, will you try and fit in desperately, forever the coward, determined to be another statistic, or will you fight?


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