What is Success?

Fight to believe in what you can do when the whole world is tearing you down. Hello folks redebony here, i sat a challenge for myself an objective and i am yet to accomplish it, the dream is over, it is now time to do the work. Yet in doing the work, we find ourselves inconsistent, frustrated, warn down by others ego and insecurity. This journey is not about them, this journey is about you, and it will take as long as it takes. In the mean time protect your mental health, fill your mind with positive influences, fail over and over and over again, and laugh at your own misdemeanors. To accomplish your goal you must be the best of yourself and at times the worst of yourself. You will face so many selves in that busy looking glass, an angry reflection besotted with a need to champion other peoples illusions of success. Dont let a mouse teach you how to be a human, dontlet other people feel you with their grand illusions. When i set out to accomplish many of my challenges there was the nagging voice of the Village idiot trying to pester me, trying to make me feel small because thats how he felt, "who are you, " he said to try and become a millionaire? Years later i realised its not about wealth, its about finding your zen that emotional abundant place where you are truly happy and there is no pretend. Where your happiness is like an advert to the world, a magnet drawing and seducing everybody in. I am still on a path toards abundance and enlightenment, yet i will post an idiot out there to all the village idiots who mask themselves behind small words. "Who are we to try?" Who were you to try to walk , to try to talk , to try to cycle, to try to dance? We learn new things bygoing on a journey, by being people who dare, and who dare has the audacity to try and regulate us, not having walked in our shoes and seen with our eyes. There isa fiction out there which i began to discover, success the illusion of Shiny car, large Grandiose home, yes we aspire to greatness, yet when success creates such a vacume that there are people out there who seem to the world to have everything, yet take their own lives. What is success? And as a woman, as a black woman or an ethnic woman, no one should try and regulate our dreams goals and objectives. If im not worthy enough to attempt success, what the hell makes you think you are. Fight to believe in what you can do when the whole world is tearing you down.


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