Kristifer Ann collects with House of Marchetti

House of Marchetti Book 1 of 3 SYNOPSIS Lucan Marchetti lives in the darkness of Sin City surrounded by the underbelly of organized crime. He has stayed focused on building his Las Vegas Empire after discovering his fiancĂ© with Nicolas Abruzzi a rival Mafia family member. Jaclyn” Jack” Hale is the owner of a family coffee shop that she inherited after losing her parents in a tragic accident, years earlier. Living a happy, quiet life by herself in the mountains of Colorado amongst. Jack takes notice after almost a year of this mysterious customer coming and decides it’s time to introduce herself to Lucan and he realizes she is the light in his darkness. Although not everyone is as enamored with Jack as Lucan is. A threat on Lucan’s life during a weekend in Vegas brings the realization that Lucan brings the darkness into her world. Is she prepared for it? This larger than life man doesn’t just take over her life, he takes over her body and her heart.

 Excerpt from Chapter 11

Who is this girl? I’m so caught off guard it’s all I can do to keep my mouth closed. I stopped listening to her babble and took a step into her, walking her slowly back till her back is against the wall. Her eyes are huge and her lips are slightly parted. I bring my hands up to her face, my thumbs barely touching her cheeks as I glide them back and forth. I pull her to me, slipping a hand around her neck and brushing my lips over hers. I pull back, putting my forehead against hers. Closing my eyes, I inhale her deeply. I can smell the wine and chocolate on her. The underlying dessert scented lotion from earlier, still lingering on her skin. I could eat her up.

This scintilating read will knock your socks off, with inviting, extraordinary characters, why not escape into a world of dynamo's today. Pick up House of Marchetti and be blown away, sensuos, erotic, and stunning. Pick up your read now, A sexy read for the siren in you.


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