Help me raise funds for new Fashion Magazine with Marco G of Vogue Magazine

 Hello everyone Otatade Okojie here welcome to my blog, and welcome to a new adventure. Fashion, enterprise,community,growth,network and engagement, we want a magazine that includes culture, and creates access. The audience has spoken and thats where i come in. Former journalist, photographer and disabled entrepreneur, i pressed on , i stayed strong, and i kept going. I deal with a disability called epilepsy, for many times it had me sitting hungry on the bench, terrified as i watched others fulfill their potential. 

I remember when drive and ambition finally overtook fear when it came to my disability, and i realised in order to be a success our paths, our routes have to be different. We have to be distinct, not copy, not follow the masses. A unique print, like a signature. Therefore i bring to you a signature magazine, with your assistance. This dream will not happen without you, myself, Marco and the rest of the team need your help, and the benefits for contributing are a plenty. From being an ambassador, to being an influencer, writer, editor,photographer,journalist, or even freelancer of the magazine. We need you. What is your story? We need backers, and people who are tired of speakerbox people who just talk and nothing gets done. Are you a creative? This is your call to action. This isn't just a moment to intercept and intercede, we aim to build legacy, something that is long lasting, something that will last for a lifetime.

Wether its £10, £15 £500  or more lets come together and donate. What else would you have wasted those funds on. Lets see clothes that will sit in the back of the wardrobe, a meal that will make you feel bloated and lethargic, some shoes that you will wear for only a few occasions. This is your chance to not be mute in a world of outspoken, noisy people beating their drums. Lets make your voice heard, and create your safe space, but you cant just be a talker, join us, and invest in your future. You never know where this journey could take you, or who you could meet? Click on the link and make a  donation.


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