Meet the new Hotbox influencer trend team


Welcome to Otatade Okojie (redebonyhotspot) winning hotbox influencer trend platform. 

A new project teaching young people how to monetise social media trends, giving you access to mentors, job opportunities.

We teach you how to navigate the markets, Bring in some funds or revenue. Tired of application upon application to gatekeepers with Jobs that appear available.....only to later feel as though your cv didnt even get a look in?

Tired of those years of debt you acquired in University spent on Courses that you dont seem to be able to apply, and opportunities that seem few and far between. Tired of feeling left behind, and hearing stories about 'your Cousin Tim' or your former friend 'Mark' who seems to have gotten their whole life Sorted?

The #winning people who seem to be postcards, whilst you deal with the challenges of building up self esteem, mental health, confidence, trust, remembering old values, and trying to pick a path which you believe is a good fit. 

Welcome to the Hotbox Journey.We are here to help. We provide courses, mentoring, advice, consultations, webinars, econferences, videos, and #winning articles. Were here to listen and problem solve for you. A key resource to assist you in capitalising on your knowledge of those hot trends, from celeb trends, music trends, fashion, influencer, travel, and so much more. We dont want you to just tap your pockets and feel change like in the Asda advert, no. We want you to be able to save to invest towards things you have a taste for. A house, a holiday, a car, investments, or even a property portfolio. 

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Trends have influenced the markets since the beginning of time. Knowledge of trends is lucrative, insightful, and also makes monetisation more accessible. Let us help you play to your strengths. 

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Be part of what is extraordinary

 Meet our winning team, including Keith Fraser the Chairman of the Youth Justice Board who will help you play to your strengths, support you in developing your ideas, goals, and vision, aiding you in creating your own opportunities. Would you like to bring in some revenue as a creative, an independent, influencer, affiliate, coach or consultant? Learn from our Youth and creative development Coaches who have a depth of experience, knowledge, and international access, Including great leaders championing Access for Young people such as John David of Amnick and the exceptional Mr Paul Jolley a leader in the Renewable Space. Join us to learn about how to monetise trends, capitalise on niches in the market, create a project and expand. We are linked to such key contacts as Nike, Porsche, Tiffanys, Mercedes,Coca Cola, Bentley, Reebok, Sony,Mtv, contacts in the Oprah Winfrey network, we have a database of well over 60,000 connections you can access for mentoring, advice or consultancy. We provide a great introductory service and incredible support. Meet Our team.

Team Hub: 

Otatade Okojie: Founder , digital marketing specialist

Team Director : Keith Fraser chairman of the Youth Justice Board at number 10 Downing Street

Paul Jolley -Global team director - creating crossover programmes between asia and Europe

John David- Lead Advisor, Director and team facillitator

Harry Grech: Digital marketing and Youth and Trend analysis Consultant

Eloise Benn: Digital Marketing Specialist and Trend analysis consultant

Kristina Kostya: Social Media Manager and Consultant

Augustina Uwadiae: Project Management and Team Co Ordinator


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