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 Trends are shapeshifting society. We are evolving constantly becoming more dynamic, creative, explosive, adventurous, and tapping into new markets. From the magic of the buoyant fashion influencer, to the capital markets, and ecommerce trends in global investment markets, the celebrity profiles that impact design, brands that form street dialogue. 

They become part of the flow, part of the dialogue, and add to the body of our daily 3 dimensional personas. 

What trends are you into? What does it say about us? About what were trying to express, who were trying to become? Here at the Hotbox Headquarters we've been having quite impassioned debates about Monetising trends, trends are great to talk about, yet why are all these big bigbrands, creating the buzz, making the money from all the trends and all the hype. What about people like You and me, when were even struggling to find work. 

Heres a nugget for you. First rule of thumb.

What niche do you know about, what trends are you hot on the heels about? What markets sell products linked to that trend? Is it trainers, sportswear, music? Books? Where is the gap that you can slide into? Where is the problem, where you can be the solution

Lets say in certain areas in London there is a new trend of customising graffitti print on trainers and selling them in Local community markets, maybe using glow in the dark ink to give it that stand out distinct print.

Maybe theres been talks online on one of the social media forums your active on about a story thats exploded on the news about a Fridge magnet company making a fortune, why not consider creating your own customised quiky meme fridge magnets 

Theres so many things we can have fun with from fun trends to social media fun on the internet.

I.E a celebrity has been caught in the most compromising position once again. You create your own customizable game of celebrity who dunnit. 

In 1990 which celebrity said this,Which celebrity did this? Which celebrity was quoted as saying this? 

There is so much fun to be had with all the trends out there, join us on the Hotbox Platform for the hottest trends the hottest insights.


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