How to be a pinterest influencer


Pinterest is one of my favourite platforms. With a 1 million audience, now you know why. Yet how does one grow their audience on Pinterest become an influencer and even sell on the Pinterest platform?

From the use of Shoppable pins to the oh so awesome tailwind, used for tribe building, connecting and communicating with followers or potential clients.

Let's see how do we start on this adventure. Graphic, delightful and buoyant content. Content needs to be colourful and pleasing to the eye, clear pixels, sharp, language needs to hook audiences in quickly. With Shoppable pins you are selling the products of your choice with the pin promoting that these pins can be bought, it is a choice to use Shoppable or customisable pins, you can request them. Yet a lot of people have a Shopify platform where they sell their products, have a drop shipping platform , and post the links to the products on the Pinterest platform. 

Pinterest although initially promoted as a vision board site, is actually also now identified as the next biggest online global shipping search engine. If your not on Pinterest, your missing money, contacts, and your missing a trick. It's a great platform to go viral on and build an audience.

People often focus on YouTube and Instagram, yet these two platforms can become over saturated, it can be hard to get awareness for your content or brand, yet with Pinterest you have a space or a marketplace, to build on your brand, gain some recognition, and sell.

Yet this all works successfully if you take the time to build your online networks,

Your online following, and communicate and build relationships with potential clients , through engagement.

Provide them information and resources that they would like to hear.

Insights, interviews, courses,

Ways to Monetise on passive income online.

Post minimum 7 times a day on Pinterest to build viewership and to be recognised by the algorithm. This is what top influencers are doing, many are starting with 5.

Share content  with your followers and share on other social media sites and other platforms as well

Advertise on  pinterest,boost your post

Use tailwind to message, engage and interact with your niche.

Use the right hashtags that are appropriate,

Utilise SEO, search engine optimization

Learn the different algorithms 

Learn how to rank high on the different platforms

Use catchy keywords

Visualise your audience, what would they be typing into the search bar.


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