How to get 1 billion hits on a youtube video

Viral videos have one thing in common. Great hooks, extraordinary campaigns. What is your concept, how will you hook your audience in? What niche are you catering to? Are you doing fun? Comedic or captivating? Whatever it is, use lots of light in the video, lots of colour, catchy and memorable wordplay and sentences. Use sharp images and high pixel content, memorable images, potentially a celebrity, if not a celebrity something the audience can remember have fun with and replicate. What's happening on tik tok? Lots of viral videos, why ?

 They are creating simple, polished yet well pixelated dance craze videos that audiences can replicate and this has become a new trend taking the internet by storm. Wether it's being fashion forward, an influencer ace, utilise your audience to share , share , share and get your message out there.Make the message simple,memorable and digestible. Know your candidate, know your demographic, if your key target audience were in the local shopping mall which aisle would they go to? 

What item would they buy? Why would they pick it up? What makes them tick in the area of finance? What holds their attention? What language holds their attention.

Be willing to go the extra mile. Do data capture forms with surveys to get info on exactly what your target audience are looking for so you can market not just according to niche, but according to need and demand in the market.

Be willing to ask key insightful questions, questions like what sort of campaigns do they remember linked to their interest to the product of interest in the niche. Why do they remember this type of advertising, what made them pick this product? Why do they buy certain items as they shop over their competitors. Reward them for their info with vouchers and coupons, even go as far as inviting them for focus groups or workshops. The more data you acquire from them, the more you will be able to cater your product to suit your audiences needs, monetise through a targeted well presented ,well received advertising and marketing campaign, bring in some revenue, and at a later date, if required bring in investors.

Utilise Links on social media. Post links everywhere thats relevant to and links back to your campaign

Promote your campaign through advertising

Do a big email push and marketing push, sending your content and video campaign to all media, networks and contacts.

Send out a Newsletter

 Post links to your campaign in Magazines, 

Post links to your Campaign in Podcast 

Post links in  facebook groups,

 linkedin groups, question and answer forum with business mentors, 

 online events

webinars, forums, panel discussions, debates

zoom room chats

 interviews, The youtube channels backstage pass, 

Facebook watch parties, 

In online content Article sites like Squidoo, Zine, and on your social media articles.

Make sure you utilise key words and use SEO to aid you

And make sure you prompt your network to share the content.


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