How To make £100,000 a year online


Making any income is a challenge, yet an online income, takes mastery, creativity, and quite a bit of insight. Nobody is asking you to become a genius over night, yet be well researched about your niche, the products you are selling, your brand of engagement, and focus on building relationships with potential customers. Build your audience with content that adds value, the more traffic you have to your site, the more content you put out there, the more no's will bring you closer to the yeses.

 Its really about adding value, building the conversation, extending the conversation, building the relationship with your customers and making them feel valued, listened to, heard. Make sure you have high engagement on social media, your branding and marketing packs are of high calibre, Your sales tools are not so much about gimmicks but cater to the question the individual may have. Know your candidate. You are providing a service. That service is solving a problem. 

Have a strong outline and understanding of who you are selling to? Why would they come to you over your competition, what makes you stand out? Time is money. Just remember when it comes to the internet, everything is about how quickly they can access the information, the resources, and the insight. Make sure language is easy to interpret.

Images are bold, clear, high quality pixels, phrases are catchy , snappy. Use distinctive hooks, Click bait often works to draw their attention, but now you want to hold their attention. You want them to go through a series of processes, from entering data, to participating in the funnel system.

Share your content 

Make the purchase steps easy and the site easy to navigate.

Make the template and theme attractive 

When producing content, and using such things as a newsletter, an ebook an e magazine make sure content is up to date, utilise hashtag,key into content about trends.

When entering the search tags pay attention to optimising your site well, what search terms will your audience be entering into the search bars. What will they be looking for? What answers? 

Think about what sites your customers are usually visiting, social media, news, shopping and e commerce, entertainment, how can you utilise the information on these sites to appeal to your audience.

What trigger words can you use to hook them in? Now you have to think with both hats on ,as the consumer and as the producer, what are their trigger words, not just buzz words like Sale, or buy now, but words that make them feel as though this is where you are solving the problem and meeting their demands. 

Always have a product or a campaign that aims to solve a problem, wether it's a resource, wether it's a product, people go to different sources because they want their needs met in some way. Here is your chance to meet their needs.


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