How to make £15000 with a podcast


Who doesn't love a great podcast. Wether it's audio, or visual. Podcasts provide great enterprise, resources, information, and sometimes great relaxation as well. Podcast can be very inspiring, especially when we listen to leadership interviews or development podcasts about great visionaries and their strategy and business models to grow their brands, create insight and develop impactful communities.

So how do you make podcasts that sell. Build your viewership to get a consistent audience.

First of all know your niche and know your market. Who is the audience your trying to engage what are they looking for? What resources can you deliver to them through your content, what insights, what information, what can they get from you that they can't get from no one else? Is it a different perspective, is it an analysis on how to access different markets, is it ideas on how to move their business forward with brands, with marketing, is it collaboration ideas and joint venture strategies.what is your appeal, your unique selling point.

First of all create content, a rough outline,then detailed, first mock, then trial the content. Record it , now listen to it, view it and analyse it as a consumer, then review it with a sales perspective . Where is the buy in? What are its strengths , why should people tune in, why should they opt in to your podcast? Why should they subscribe, want to be members.

First of all make your podcast a freemium membership. That means it starts off free so they don't feel threatened, yet you still request that they provide their bank details.

Provide incredible content and be consistent.

Have a trial period. Now build on your following, send them perks, create a real sense of community once they go past the trial period, message them with info, call it info bytes, mini bits of information or resources that could be useful to them in their niche. Something key like grants information,funding bodies, investors, projects, things that will make them spread the word and want to get other people to subscribe.

Build up your following with your social media

Create content with buzz and links to your podcast

Share your podcast on comments section on posts

Create e brochures and flyers

Create links through a newsletter

Create links in a guest blogger posts

Create links in a magazine

Create links in a forum

Create links on a job board

Create links on a video

Tag people to posts on articles promoting your podcast

Invite speakers to speak on your podcast and get them to share it with their networks.

Have a small budget and boost your post about your podcast.

Just enjoy the process of sharing and promoting your info and resources.

Speak at Speakers events

Offer Consultations providing links to your consultants

Speak at conferences

Masterminds with a link to your podcast

Sell an ebook with a link to your podcast

YouTube channel with a link to your podcast

Newsletter with a link to your podcast

Magazine column with a link to your podcast


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