The start of our Budget like a Badass Journey


Budgeting can be tough, so much temptation out there, so many distractions. Everytime you step out into the great outdoors, the shops are calling, and all those delicious aisles of stuff. Stuff to cater to your mood, this hunger, or thirst you have to either splurge or validate this feeling ypour experiencing. Wether its a breakup, a bad day at work, an argument at home, a snack at lunchtime, or just to feel delightful, you know exactly what you wanna do. You tap that smiling pocket, or pull the wallet out of the handbag, here comes the friendly credit card, debit card, your just a beep away from that feeling of gratification....Oh oh....this path doesnt lead to the smiling pocket, the more trips you make, the more purchases you get , or things you consume for that thing of absence, the more you realise, something physically isnt presence....Your finances. The bank account is running on empty. 

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Start a savings journal or a wealth journal 

Understand your accounts and where your weaknesses are when it comes to spending and when it comes to saving and budgeting.

Learn from the error of those with a leaking pocket.

No matter your income if you have a hole in your pocket , the money you bring in will be dust, and you will always have a negative account at thde end of the month. 

I am learning to try and teach myself restraint.

Breaking old habbits, replacing old habbits with new consistent positive habbit. 

You need to replace those negative habbits with a positive action, and psychology.

What can you do instead of spending that money?

I spend when im bored.


Spend whenever a new project opens up 

The spending makes me feel as though im executing, like im doing something.

What are your spending habbits?

What do you spend on?

What is your pocket Cryptonite?

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Mine is going to the local shop to feel like im stretching my limbs, getting small treats, nick nacks, or going into town and randomly buying clothes that i dont need. My wardrobe has thrown up some really bad outfits of late. 

The downside of all of this is negative self talk, doubting your ability to manage your finances, not having funds in place to invest in key assets. Start with your wealth journal, manage your accounts, check your financial statements, and create a weekly budget. It can be from £50 a week, but something realistic that is flexible. Which allows you to manage and pay attention to your finances so you can have some seed money, for maybe a down payment on a house, a holiday, or an investment.

Counter the pocket Cryptonite habbit. Validate yourself with positive self talk, list and journal things to do that dont involve spending money, look at wether or not you really need the item of consumption. If a week later you dont hunger for the item on your list, then it may not be a necessity.

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Have a want list and have a need list. Decide what is necessary. Put funds into your savings account and pay yourself first. Set up a monthly direct debit, putting funds into your account.

Go fund me post 3

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