Top 10 ways to improve your selling skills

 Sales are the future. From abundant living to negotiating a flexible versatile lifestyle, they are the present, and consistently create access for those who are eager to upgrade their finances. We are all in sales in one way or another, we just dont know it. Everytime you present yourself in some way, thats kind of a sale. Making friends, a sale, your requesting people to buy in, in some way. A new job, requesting they buy into your portfolio of skills, relationships, requesting people celebrate your strengths. When we put ourselves out there we are often promoting, we organise our presentation, packaging, branding, tell people who we would like them to identify us as...Marketing. Hoping they buy in and spread the word. 

Now lets not talk about sales in a broad scale, lets talk about a very key area of sales. Negotiating and building relationships.

First of all what is a sale? A sale is the exchange of goods or service for finance or capital. It can be short and sweet, or often be through extensive negotiations. Sales is also a game of Positioning, and the ability to build trust in a relationship in a very short amount of time. The buyer invest their finances because they trust the product, the brand, the service, or the individual. 

Selling is often about the sellers ability to communicate, and engage with the buyer, having excellent conversational skills, making sure the narrative is open, and dialogue flows, answering key questions, and building that key trust. 

First of all know your product or service. What are the strengths and the pro's of the service your selling? Where can it solve the buyers problem? How are you saving them Money? Could you be saving them money they could be investing elsewhere? List the problems you are solving for them, dont be pushy but direct, open the conversation enough so they can challenge you

Provide sales figures, and a sales report, and data analytics, show how well the product or service is doing in the market, which area is it selling the most, why are others buying it, Why and how is it beating its competitors, what is its unique selling point? Does it save time utilising this product or service? Does it open the floor up to more opportunities , more access? 

Does this product have the potential to give you cashback, is it half price, will there be a discount on the next item, a buy one get one free offer. 

Also when you talk about this product comment loosely about other things they might end up wasting their money on, things that wont bring a return, emphasize a lack of time, time restraint, the special offer coming to a close, also indicate that they are being given a special client treatment as a key candidate, therefore you should actually deliver, an extra surplus service. Maybe have a supervisor, or an advisor sit in on a call to answer more of their questions.Give them time. Show them they are valued.

Have a great opening pitch, be warm and friendly in the introduction, if you get their secretary or pa, also treat that individual with warmth and respect also.

Be a good advisor

Be a good listener and be present in the conversation.

Also See gaps in the conversation. The opportunities are in the conversations, thats where most opportunities hide.

Be good at following up

Build on excellent communication skills

Try and sound Relaxed without sounding uncaring or arrogant

Be Consistent with the follow up.

Dont take the first no for an answer yet dont be overly aggressive and too pushy. You want them to refer you and also do some of the work for you.

Have great knowledge of the product

Understand the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors and know your market

Know the Potential of the product

Be a good problem solver

Know when its time to laugh, and when its time to cry. Some people get this all wrong.

Have fun with the client. Its not about you showing off your degree, your expertise, its really just simply about how well this client will like this product, and how it could change things for them. Say " Its not about me, its about you."

Know that selling is not about aggression, and know the difference between thirst and determination, Desperate and forward.

Its alright to spice it up with a bit of nice. " Add a bit of charm, just dont be greasy"

Know how to step off the charm accelerator, and then show the knowledge.

Let the customer feel as though their well positioned for this opportunity.

Put your ego aside for the sale

In negotiations its alright to step back


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