Top 10 ways to sell 5000 subscriptions with an online community


Subscription Sites are constantly a hot ticket item on the internet, big name brands with thewir large communities engaging eager audiences to interact and share their insights and buy some of their hottest products. Yet what if your not a big name item? How do you navigate these shark infested waters, how do you make sure your brand and your platform is seen and heard. Here are some great ideas to build your community, and keep those active voices, helping you disrupt and engage.

Have affordable prices, and engaging content

Utilise pop up forms and data capture form

Offer incredible incentives for those who do subscribe. 



Podcast access




inside networking


facebook groups

 linkedin groups

 Question and answer forum with business mentors, 

access to online events



Panel discussions 


Zoom room chats


The youtube channels backstage pass

The live streaming

Facebook watch parties 

Create interesting content that makes them want to click on the link

make the call to action easy and simple to understand

Make your content shareable

Give them Previews of whats to come as members of the site

"Run tell dat!"

Promote, promote. If you dont tell them about you, how will they know about you. Share on all your social media platforms minimum 3 to 4 times a day, your newsletter, and utilise an email marketing campaign.

Get influencers to shout about your membership platform. Put it on blast

Get Youtube Videos done on it

Do Guest Posts about your Platform

Do a magazine column article about your column

Get bloggers to review your column

Create buzz and promote the benefits of accessing the amazing content

What are the strengths of your product

How does it add value

How does it solve a problem?

How will it match its competitors

Why is it so unique?

Whose talking about it?

Why should they pay the extra fee, and not waste funds on other items?

Why is membership to your community an investment?

Where are the bonuses?

Where is the opportunity to bring in more revenue?

How is the community a resource?

What engagement will they get?

Who can they talk to, or network with?

What events can they attend?

What societies will they get access too?

What communities, grants or resources could they be informed about?

What speakers could they hear speak?


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