Top 12 ways to earn your first million through a blog

 Do you need a hotsell for blogging? 

Its fun, its creative, its challenging, exciting, highly engaging, and even better, it can give you an income. There is a whole army of us that are going down the passive income stream eager to access potential funds, and have a more flexible day to day, with better and more mobile time management. Who doesnt get tired of the 9 to 5 , Office politics, the dictator or head honcho, the bully in the office convincing the other colleagues its a playground dynamic rather than a time to get your head down and focus on developing your skills to bring in that income that could improve your lifestyle.

Let me phrase it differently do you need a hotsell for six figure passive income, or what i call, crunch time millionaire blogs. We've all heard of them Pro blogger, The tech blogs, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, Marie Forleo from Marie Forleo, Kimra Luna From Freedom Hackers , Jeremy Schoemaker from Shoe Money, Blog geeks that end up retiring early buying an Island and renting a private jet, does this stuff even still exist?

 If you talk to your immediate network, all the workaholics, the 9 to 5ers they'll tell you its a dream, that its only special aliens who have fairy dust sprinkled on them from birth accomplish things like this. They tell you their being realistic.

Yet heres my argument to challenge some of the realists out there, what if it so happened that these Millionaire bloggers, or Mighty millionaire moguls in anything, were just flesh human beings like you and me, had 24 hours in a day like you and me, were not bionic? Were not artificial, intelligence, but were humans, managing time differently, managing thought processes differently, researching differently, asking all the right questions, investing differently, and therefore manifesting differently.  These guys arent exactly Xmen are they. Yet whats the difference between the Millionaire bloggers, or the millionaire anything? 

They start. And most of us are still talking, doubting, trying to be validated by our circles. So lets start. Lets start with some ideas. Ideas that could have some potential and lead us to some insight.

First of all? How do you make money from a blog? You build up demand for its content. You Build up your following. Create engagement, get your audience excited, create buzz and deliver with consistency.

Utilise your Seo. Make sure your using search terms that audiences are searching for?Or entering into the search bar. Hot searches are often things like How do i bring in passive income in a particular niche, how do i get more sales? How do i monetise? Where can i buy at certain products at a discount? Cheap Markets, Funding for businesses in a particular niche.

Make sure your blog ranks high on google

Sell products on your blog, or link your blog to shopify or an ecommerce store

Do Affiliate marketing, and sell products through your blog

Create a membership blog

Promote Sponsored content, where brands pay you to write content about their products on your blog.

Utilise Banner ads

Work with a professional  agency, they will help you with budget advertising, marketing campaigns, and viral campaigns and advertising.

Do guest post on other blogs

Do a tutorial series and charge premium for your audience to access extra content.

Post monetizable links

Use paid advertising, where you recieved payment each time a link is clicked on, or through google adsense and other third party ads.

newsjack (respond to news stories on your blog)

Sell advertising space on your blogs newsletter

Run premium competitions and charge an entry fee.

Run Business raffles and charge an entry fee.

Get employers to pay a fee to advertise on your job board

Create a lucrative introducer network through your blog.

sell books 

sell membership to your blog

Sell webinars




magazine subscriptions

Guest blog on other sites

Use influencers

Utilise Social media,

Produce viral content with a link to your blog

Use click bait

Use Hooks

Create listicles

Create top 10 lists and list your blog as one of the top 10 in the list



inside networking,


 facebook groups, 

linkedin groups, 

question and answer forum with business mentors, 

access to online events, webinars, 


panel discussions, 


zoom room chats, 


The youtube channels backstage pass,

 the live streaming, 

Facebook watch parties, 

But whatever you do dont stay in the shadows doubting yourself....just start. Start with a concept, build with research, investigate a niche, and grow. Everything is failing and learning. Life is learning how to walk. You become what you practice with consistency. What you master you become.


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