Top 13 ways to sell an ebook



The magic is in the pen, after all, what is mightier, the sword? Let's see now , after all that delicious scribbling you've been doing I'm not surprised your eager to share what has  become the itching and scratching of the page has piled into a collection, a delightful portfolio of musings. So here's to you and your new endeavour, yet how do you sell it. How do you market it, pitch it to your audience? Turn it into a hot ticket item, and have masses with greedy fingers on the buy now button?

Good question! It starts with identifying it as a product, a book is a very personal experience, and we often hold it too close. List the strengths of your book as a product, what book is it similar too, what reader will it attract, why would it be hot in the market now? Let the characters sizzle of the page? What makes it so interested? What makes it so dynamic? 

What makes it so engrossing? Why would this be such a hot read! Why would it be great for their Kindle or their bookshelf? Why should they invest their money in this book rather than in other items.

Utilise book clubs, 

Go to book bloggers, ask them to review your book and get them to refer it.

Have a subscription list of people in your newsletter,promote your book through it.

Sell your book on your social media and your blog

Advertise your book

Advertise your book in a magazine column

Use articles to promote your book

Utilise podcasts to promote your book

Promote your book in webinars, at events,during courses, Facebook watch parties, forums, networking online,Zooms.

Be consistent, follow up when people email you for some info

Send promotional messages

Send out marketing

Send eCards with a snapshot or preview of the book

Utilise email marketing


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